Integrated Facility Management
Mechanized Housekeeping:

Chemical and mechanical activity can only be as effective as 80% of the time when cleaning normally. For cleaning purposes, automation is crucial. Wooden floors, for example, require specialized cleaning that you cannot accomplish with a brush or mop.

Mechanization improves sustainability in this way. You can breathe clean air because specialists use the proper cleaning tools to do this. They can get relatively cleaner exhaust air if they utilize a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Mechanized housekeeping further minimizes water, chemical, and carbon emission usage.

Additionally, having a welcoming and tidy environment is beneficial. It allows for improved hygiene, environmentally friendly facilities, and a decrease in pathogenic microorganisms. The clients won’t be exposed to much dust.

Food and Beverage

Healthy food means a healthy workforce and a wealthy workplace. Hence, this segment of our operations supplies Meals, Snacks, Tea, Coffee and Pantry Services of prime quality to various institutions.

Electro- mechanical maintenance

Qualified technicians with years of professional experience will take care of electrical maintenance, DG maintenance & plumbing as per your requirement.

Facade Maintenance

Whether it’s a high rise building or small cube of premise, we will provide you a world class cleanliness compliance with Safety and Quality systems 

Manpower deployment

A huge organization needs manpower in various fields with different skill sets for smooth working of the same. We depute efficiently trained work personnels according to your needs and requirements.


When you have a garden to maintain outside your workspace, you need highly skilled and well equipped manpower of Durga Facility.

Pest Management Services

We guarantee 100% safe & minimized use of synthetic chemicals for pest treatment at your workplace.

Let your workplace be free from any kind of rodenticides. Get highly trained technicians and skilled men to control.

Termite can cause serious damage to your workplace. Our specialized termite control team guarantees complete protection from any kind of termite attacks.

Front Office Management
  • Payroll and staffing: We ensure smooth payroll management services so that you can manage your resources and save time in  a hassle free way.
  • Front desk support: We have skilled professionals ready to be recruited as front desk support persons. We provide you a face to represent your organization at the reception/entrance level. 
On-Demand Services
  • Residential care: We also provide caretakers for all kinds of residential requirements. It’s an on demand services
  • Project maintenance: We can also provide you with project specific manpower to quickly wrap up some specific events.





Security Services
  • Residential,Commercial & corporate security guards: We have a team of trained armed personnels as well as unarmed Security Guards specialized in Guarding Apartments, Layouts, Commercial Premises and Manufacturing Units (armed/ unarmed) as well Event Management and Crowd Control.
  • Fire and safety trained guards: Fire hazard prevention is an important aspect of organizational security. We provide guards for fire and safety so that you can prevent any such accident.
  • CCTV surveillance guards: CCTVs are the new way to monitor security of a premises 24×7. But there is a need for keen monitoring of these cameras. So we provide trained guards for the same purpose.

DURGA FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES – a synonym for Perfection, Precision, and Plurality of services.


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