We have in our Clientele List prestigious Educational Institutions, Commercial Malls, Prestigious Hospitals, International Airport, Multiplex Theatre, Engineering Colleges, Auto Showrooms, Reputed Hotels, Commercial Establishments, Private and Public Sector Companies and successful Research Laboratories. Impressed by our unrelenting promptness of service, none of these clients have given a thought to change the Service Provider.


  • Bharath Auto Cars Pvt. Ltd, - Group of Companies (Mangaluru, Puttur, Mulky & Thokottu )
  • Bharath Vehicle Works Pvt. Ltd., Mangaluru


  • Corporation Bank, Mangaluru

Public/Private Sectors, Industries and IT Companies

  • Bharti Shipyard Pvt. Ltd., Mangaluru
  • HPCL, Mangaluru
  • Corporation Bank, Mangaluru & Hassan ATM Counters
  • MRPL, Mangaluru
  • Envoy Mortgage India Pvt. Ltd.,


  • KMC Hostels, Mangaluru
  • Shree Devi Hostels, Mangaluru


  • Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple, Kateel

These are just the unique features of Durga services. We have all the other positive features that one can see in similar service providers. We have every reason to believe that we are a notch higher than the others in the race.

This is not the dead end! We have plans to penetrate the market further and expand the clientele through a continual training and improvement of the staff on an ongoing basis. Thus, every vision of DURGA has a long term basis.